Zaragoza's "First Chance Plan"


Zaragoza City Council.


The challenge of homelessness for women is compounded by factors such as domestic violence, limited access to resources, and systemic gender inequalities. Female homelessness is often less visible/talked about and intertwined with issues like economic disparity, lack of affordable housing, and social stigma, making it a complex and pressing societal concern that demands comprehensive solutions addressing both immediate needs and underlying systemic issues.


In 2018, the Zaragoza City council launched a programme called “First Chance Plan”, which focuses on the housing first approach in combination with physical and mental health as well as the development of social skills to carry out training and the search for employment. Throughout this programme, the city has included a gender perspective to draw attention to homeless women, who are less visible and require dedicated resources. The plan includes workshops for homeless women, such as cooking, computer and sewing workshops, and activities such as crafts, sports and theatre.


With the gender perspective of the “First Chance Plan”, the Zaragoza City Council can have a profound impact by addressing the unique challenges faced by women, including the risk of domestic violence and specific health concerns. Tailoring support services and housing provisions to account for gender differences fosters a more inclusive and effective approach, ultimately enhancing the well-being and success of homeless individuals, particularly women, in their journey towards stability and independence.

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