Music, Arts and Culture

"Music, arts, and cultures" encompass a diverse range of creative expressions that reflect and shape the identities, experiences, and values of communities and individuals. In the context of gender equality, these forms of expression play a pivotal role in challenging and transforming traditional gender norms and stereotypes. Today’s cultural sector still remains largely male dominated. This is reflected in both the substantial gender wage gap within the industry, as well as visibility of artists and cultural products and texts. Women also experience a lack of safety in public cultural areas such as concerts, the night life, etc. By providing platforms for women and gender-diverse individuals to share their perspectives and talents, music, arts, and cultures can promote inclusivity, representation, and empowerment. The overall goal is to create a cultural landscape within cities that values and respects the contributions of all genders, fostering a more equitable, safe and diverse urban society where everyone's voices are heard and celebrated.

Best Practice Examples: 

Work songs by women - Re:composed

FemCities FemCities