Violence against Women

Violence against women refers to any act or pattern of physical, psychological, economic, or sexual harm or coercion that disproportionately targets women and girls due to their gender. It is a grave violation of human rights and a significant barrier to achieving gender equality. The overall goal in addressing violence against girls and women is to eliminate such behaviors, create safe environments for women, and ensure that women have the same opportunities as men, free from fear and harm. This includes legal and policy measures, support services, and awareness campaigns aimed at changing societal norms and attitudes that perpetuate violence, contributing to a more just and equal society where all genders can live free from violence and discrimination.

Best Practice Examples: 

Vienna Against Gender Based Violence

Activities of the City of Vienna Department for Women's Affairs(MA 57) to tackle violence against women.


Duluth Modell

Coordinated Community Response (CCR) to End Domestic Violence



FemCities FemCities