Housing refers to the provision of shelter or accommodation for individuals or families, encompassing a wide range of residential structures, such as houses, apartments, and other living spaces. It serves as a fundamental human need, offering a physical space for people to live, sleep, and engage in daily activities while providing security, privacy, and protection. In the realm of gender equality, it involves ensuring that everyone has equal access to safe, affordable, and suitable living spaces, while the specific housing needs and challenges faced by single parent households (that are mostly mothers and children) as well as all women, including the prevention of domestic violence, ensuring secure tenure, and promoting economic independence, are taken into consideration. The aim is to create housing policies and practices that eliminate gender-based discrimination and disparities, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society.

Best Practice Examples:

Zaragoza's "First Chance Plan"


JUNO Centre in Vienna

Centre for Separated and Single Parents in Vienna, Austria.

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