JUNO Centre in Vienna


JUNO Centre for Separated and Single Parents in Vienna (NGO)


Single parents, which are mostly women, face the challenge of balancing caregiving responsibilities with economic stability, often leading to financial, psychological and physiological strain. Especially finding affordable and suitable housing options is critical in providing stability for single-parent families, influencing their ability to secure jobs and adequate living conditions while navigating the complexities of sole parenthood. The lack of affordable housing options can exacerbate the challenges faced by single parents, especially women, making it crucial to address both housing and economic support to ensure the well-being of these families.


JUNO is an association, partly funded by the City of Vienna Department for Women, which offers projects on affordable and communal living for single parents. In subsidised housing in Vienna, they develop and support single-parent housing projects. They work together with non-profit property developers to plan and arrange compact, affordable flats for single parents in Vienna. Their housing projects are explicitly aimed at mothers and fathers, who are single parents and have at least one underage child in the household. Next to their housing projects, they also offer peer counselling and workshops for single parents.


A housing project dedicated to single parents, like JUNO, can have a transformative impact by providing stable and secure living arrangements, alleviating the financial burden on these families and creating a supportive environment for both parents and children. Beyond housing, such projects can offer tailored resources, including childcare support and community programs, fostering a sense of community and empowerment that enhances the overall well-being and resilience of single-parent households.

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