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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is deeply rooted in cultural practices and gender inequality, with harmful consequences for the physical and psychological well-being of girls and women around the world. Combatting FGM is connected to men as much as women because cultural norms often involve both genders in the perpetuation of this harmful practice.


Gams Belgium is an NGO dedicated to fighting harmful FGM practices. Their project “Men Speak Out” aims to mobilise and involve men in the fight against FGM, and on a larger scale to eradicate violence against women. The project has conducted quantitative studies with men, organised training courses for male peer educators, as well as started campaigns to raise awareness among communities. The organisation’s project has recognised the potential impact of involving men, since they play a crucial role in combating FGM by challenging societal norms, advocating for gender equality, and actively rejecting the continuation of this harmful tradition within their own communities.


The project has contributed to the broader efforts to eradicate FGM through cultural transformation and awareness. Involving men in the fight against FGM through projects like “Men Speak Out” can have a transformative impact by dismantling deep-seated cultural norms and promoting gender equality. Men, as advocates against FGM, can influence community attitudes, challenge traditional practices, and lead to the abandonment of this harmful tradition, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for the well-being of girls and women. Gams’ project has also inspired organisations in other countries to start similar projects such as “Intact MEN” in Austria.

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