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Whilst cities are increasingly considering social considerations such as job creation and environmental considerations such as climate change in Public Procurement, they are not considering the implications their spending choices will have upon addressing inequality, and specifically gender inequality. Here, the challenge of public procurement practices that do not consider gender equality issues lies in perpetuating systemic inequalities and reinforcing gender-based disparities. When gender considerations are absent from procurement processes, opportunities for women-owned businesses, fair wages, and inclusive policies may be overlooked, hindering progress toward a more equitable and diverse economic landscape.


The GenProcure Action Planning Network (APNs) of URBACT focuses on the thematic topic of Gender Responsive Public Procurement. Until December 2025, it will seek to support 9 partner cities to develop Integrated Action Plans (IAPs) that enable Gender Equality to be a key consideration in Public Procurement. The goal is to enable the  partner cities to learn about how they can consider and embed gender equality in public procurement and detail how they are going to shift public procurement cultures in the future so that Gender Equality is automatically mainstreamed.


Including gender equality practices in public procurement not only promotes economic opportunities for women but also ensures fair employment practices and diversity in city/municipal contracts. Establishing a city network for cooperation on these practices enables collective action, allowing cities to share best practices, address challenges collaboratively, and create a more significant impact on advancing gender equality in economic spheres at both regional and national levels.

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